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Nurvs Chassis

Posted by Ziggy , 13 January 2006 - 04:14 AM

Some Pics of Nurvs (Cory's) Hill Shootin' chassis

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Chassis Pics

Posted by Ziggy , 25 November 2005 - 12:39 AM

Here are some pics.. 250r plastic and banshee plastic.

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Power Sports Tuning

Posted by Ziggy , 08 November 2005 - 12:57 AM

Hey, I'm Ziggy the founder of PSTuning.com, I built Pstuning.com with the thought it could be a friendly place for other power-sports enthusiasts (like Yourself) to share their ideas and projects over a broad range of power-sporting Vehicles. Lets face it we are all gear-heads wanting to go faster. Pstuning is a friendly place were we as a group can share our ideas and thoughts over a broad range of activities. I know for myself I have owned at least one of everything we discuss in these forums. My interests are broad in the realm of power-sports. From Racing banshee's on the ice covered lakes of Wisconsin to building some of the fastest drag chassis is the U.S. With help from mentors and friends along the way I have seen allot, Learned allot and forgot allot along the way. I am willing to share the information that I have learned with fellow riders. The sharing of information is critical for the survival of our sport. I hope you feel the same about the sport. If you do you are welcome to join our comunity and help pass on the torch to other enthusiasts.



Posted by Ziggy , 06 November 2005 - 02:31 PM

Welcome to our Weblog System. This plugin for our invision based board is easy to use. Soon you will have your own webspace you can use to post your projects services on the world wide web for syndication. With this Blog system you (as a member of PStuning.com) will be able to host your own site from Pstuning.com. To strat using your own blog (website) follow these simple instructions.

Things you will need to start with.
Blog name.... your username at pstuning.com (Think of this Like your website name)
blog description......a short decription of the info on your blog.

Lets get started.

Click "My Controls"

Look at the left side main menu.
The second group is called Community Blog.

Click "create Blog"

Check the Box under the "terms and conditions" This means you agree to these rules.

Click "Next"

The predefined Name should be OK but can be changed if nec. This is your (Website) blog name
Go ahead and type in your description.

Click "Finish"
Please be patient. The system is creating your blog.

Now from the main page you will notice that a new button next to "My controls" has now appeared.
You can click that link to veiw and create new articles in your blog.

Click "Your Blog settings"

Name.... your username
description.. Self explanitory

Blog type
local (hosted form pstuning) is what you want.
"Link to external blog" is for members that already have a blog at another website that they would like to link to. It will actually showup in our website.

Private blog.. Do not check this unless your blog is completely private.

Allow guests to view your Blog? yes
Allow guests to post comments in your Blog? no, you only want members to be able to post comments
Disable comments? This is up to you. Want comments do not check the box.
Allow others to syndicate your Blog? check is you would like your blog to be available anywhere on the web..
Allow Blog entry Trackbacks? YES
New comment notification? Yes

The rest of the settings you should be able to figure out. Once your blog is setup open it. On the top right hand side you will see a button "Entries"
select that then "add entry"

The rest of the adding windows are just like posting a new post on a forum..

Have fun and good luck.

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    Me on my 7mm launching.


    Launch Pic

    Me on my 7mm launching.


    Launch Pic

    Me on my 7mm launching.