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Yamaha Banshee shiftstar mod Shiftstar Mod Tutorial

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Post icon  Posted 29 June 2004 - 03:40 AM

This Mod is very popular and is very easily done with the correct tools

This mod will allow for easier shifting on tha Yamaha Banshee. Works for all years.

If you are having problems shifting your quad, this mod will help. Make sure the problems you are having are not clutch related (adjustment, type of oil, or worn out basket) or all the work performed for this mod will be for nothing. You will still have the same problem.

Tools needed:

Metric and standard hand tools

Bench grinder or belt sander

Permatex gasket sealer or equivalent

(Optional) sharp file a lot of time and strong arms

Parts needed:

New clutch side cover gasket #3gg-15461-01-00 Yamaha # $13.00

10w30 type se motor oil 1.6u.s.qt $3.00

Antifreeze/Coolant $10.00


1. Drain oil from crankcase and replace oil plug. Remove coolant line that connects to the clutch side cover and drain coolant system.

2. Remove clutch side cover (if you didn't get the new side cover gasket be sure you do not rip the old one) (using the old one is not recommended).

3. Dis-assemble the clutch (be sure to keep all the parts together and in a clean place.

4. Remove the small star shaped part (next to #1 in picture below) located on the end of a shaft below the clutch shaft. (you will have to remove the shifter on the other side so you can pull that shaft towards you to get it out of the way to remove the star).
Posted Image

5. There is a small pin that aligns the star on the shaft DO NOT LOOSE THIS.

6. Now grind the 5 points of the star down to a larger radius. DO NOT GRIND ON THE POINT THAT HAS A SMALL RADIUS CUT INTO IT, that is the neutral position, we all know how hard these things can be to get into neutral let's not make it worse. Grind areas in red with a smooth round finish. Removing only a small amount from the radius.
Posted Image

7. Now just clean up the parts and put it back together the way you took it apart.

8. Don't forget the oil and coolant

Result should look something like this. Posted Image

Have Fun!!
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