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Yamaha Banshee temp gauge Cheap temp gauge tutorial

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Post icon  Posted 29 June 2004 - 04:06 AM

Temp gauge

This Mod is considered easy.

This Mod is will help you monitor the coolant temp of you Banshee.

Tools needed:

Metric and standard hand tools

utility knife

water or coolant


Food service temp gauge that goes above 212'F (pic below) $15.00

3/8 inside dia. hose 1 foot long $1.50

1/8 inside dia. 3/8 outside dia. fuel line 1 inch long $1.50

6- 3/8 or 1/2 hose clamps $.50ea

1- 3/8 barbed-T $1.50
Posted Image

1. Remove the radiator cover plastic. There is a small hose running to the right hand side of the radiator, (when sitting on the seat) Remove the small clamp that is holding the hose on some coolant may spill out, but if you keep the end of this hose higher than the radiator you will be fine. Tip: I use a vise grips to pinch the hose above the head so no coolant can come out.

2. Insert the end of the barbed-T into the hose and put a clamp on it, tighten it. (use some grease on the barb if it's tight). Next cut a piece of the 3/8 I.D. hose and connect the it to the barb going towards the radiator. (The length of this hose will be determined by were you would like the top of the gauge to be, there are a couple ways you can mount it, the one I use is to drill a 3/8 hole in the plastic and insert the gauge down through it. you can also leave it inside the plastic and view it by looking over your bars down next to the radiator). Clamp it to both the barb and the radiator.

3. Cut a piece of the 1/8 I.D. about 3/8 long. Put some grease on it and insert it into a piece of the 3/8 I.D. hose. (length will be determined by were you would like the gauge located). Clamp the large end to the only barb that is left and clamp it. (pic)

4. Insert the gauge in the end of the 1/8 hose, and clamp it.

5. You will need to make sure all connections are tight and not leaking. If you have a leak wait for the coolant to warm up then re-tighten the clamps again.

6. Just top off the coolant. (remove the vise grips if you used them). Check after riding to make sure nothing is leaking.

Tip: Boiling point of water is 212'F you should be below this. If you use 50/50 antifreeze to water boiling point is raised to about 236'F. Your temp should be allot less than that to be safe.

Should look something like this.
Posted Image

Now you can see for yourself if this stuff really works.
Posted Image
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