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Yamaha Banshee Hiflo Coolant System hiflo impeller Installation tutorial

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Post icon  Posted 29 June 2004 - 04:16 AM

Hiflo coolant system

This mod is considered easy

This will reduce the coolant temp by at least 10'. This fix attacks the notorious overheating problems banshee's have.

Tools needed:

standard and metric hand tools.

round file or die grinder

Parts and supplies:

10w30 type se motor oil 1.6u.s.qt $3.00

coolant .4 US gal. $10.00

1-prodesign high flow water pump impeller $80.00

1-clutch side cover gasket #3gg-15461-01 $13.00

1-water pump gasket #3gg-12428-01 $5.00

(optional) 1-new water pump bearing #93306-3003 $12.00

(optional) 1-new water pump seal #93103-10168 $20.00

(optional) 1-new water pump gear #4lo-12459-00 $10.00

Posted Image

1. Drain oil, replace plug. Drain coolant.

2. Remove the clutch side cover. Next remove the water pump housing cover, then the pump cover.

3. Turn the cover over. Disassemble the pump assy. by removing the little clip that holds the gear on the shaft. DO NOT LOOSE THIS.
Posted Image

4. Remove the washer then the gear. There will be a small pin for anti-rotation pushed thru the shaft so watch for it to drop when you pull the gear off. Take the pin out of the shaft. DO NOT LOOSE THIS. Push the shaft back thru the cover.

5. If replacing the seal and bearing read on..... if not skip to STEP 10.

6. Press out the bushing and bearing at the same time using a hammer & socket a little smaller than the seal.

7. Look in the coolant passage ways for rough or uneven casting flaws mine was terrible. Take the die grinder or file and smooth these passages out for better flow. Don't get crazy the case is not very thick at some points so make sure you have enough meat before grinding. Look at the area marked in this picture.
Posted Image

8. Clean out the passage ways real good. Clean up the cover it self to remove any debris or shavings. Clean it all 1 more time.

9. Note the seal says WATER SIDE on one side of it, this side goes first. Press the seal in using the same technique as removing it, except you must only press the seal in. Do not try to press both in. Use grease so you don't tear the seals edges. Make sure the seal is tight against the seating surface on the other side of the cover. press the bearing in with the open face facing you. This side is not sealed so oil can get to the rollers.

10. Push the new impeller and shaft thru the seal and the bearing. Use a lot of grease and a twisting motion when going thru thru seal.

11. Put the pin back in the shaft. Assemble the gear, washer, and clip. smear grease on the new bearing. This will lube the bearing until oil gets flung on it during the startup process.

12. Reassemble the case with the new gaskets and a light coat of Permatex sealer or equiv.

13. Let the case sit with no oil or coolant overnight so the Permatex has time to cure.

If you've already done the temp gauge mod you will be able to see the difference immediately.

Don't forget to add oil and coolant before checking out how it works

after a day ridin' without a boilover you will see it is worth the $141.00.

TIP: I always retighten case covers after the first ride. The sealant gets soft when it warms up and the bolts will loosen up a bit. Don't over tighten them just snug them back up good.

Have fun!!
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